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Which is the best report to run to display Sales Rep performance?

The following assumes you have setup Sales Reps in RMS which is separate from Cashiers. See Store Operations Manager, Database, Sales Reps. Sales Reps can have the same IDs as cashiers if sales reps are also cashiers. RMS tracks sales rep by line item separately from cashier that rings in a sale, so sales reps can be mixed on the same invoice or assigned to sales order (layaway, workorder) in advance of pick-up by a separate cashier.

Commissions are tracked by Sales Rep. While this may seem redundant at face value, it is actually a good idea to have them split. Here are a few examples:

  • Returns (it is not fair that a cashier should have to take a return and a 'hit' on a sale they did not make)
  • Allows for multiple reps on a single sale
  • Allows for customer tagging (assigning a sales rep to the customer account)
  • Allows for returns from other locations (create a 'no rep' entry if sales rep work at separate locations)

Once sales reps are being assigned in POS you can use the default Sales Detail and Commission reports to display useful information on sales rep performance -- even if you don't pay commissions. We have combined facets of both these reports into the custom commission report. For example, you can run a report that lists sales and profit by salesperson by dept/category with units sold, gross dollars, and profit margin. This report is included with RMS Toolkit and our add-in suites like the Bicycle Bundle. It is also attached to this article.

To install this custom report, download the attached file into the folder Program Files, Microsoft Retail Management System, Store Operations, Reports. Overwrite file of same name (if prompted).

You can customize this report to meet your requirements using Show/Hide. drag-and-drop columns, plus Grouping options. When satisfied with the results, click the Memorize icon in the toolbar to save your report format under whatever name you'd like to use. To recall this report next time, select Reports, Memorized.

To run this report go into Manager and select Reports, Custom, Sales Commission Report. If the report is not listed, exit Manager and go back in. If still not listed, you need to place the report file into the folder listed in Store Operations Administrator, File, Configuration, Paths, Reports.

If you need to further manipulate the data, export the results to Excel by selecting the Export icon in the report toolbar. Select Application, CSV if Excel is installed on local PC, or File, CSV if not.


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