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How can I secure Store Operations database files from unauthorized access or modifications?

Store Operations provides you with two methods of applying security to your system.

Basic security is through Cashier logins based on checkbox controls.
Advanced security is through masks (overlays) where you select which menu options, controls, or fields you want visible and/or editable.

The first method is by checkbox per Cashier. See Manager | Database | Cashiers. Note the checkbox options for various processes and modules. These should be set on per Cashier basis with the top level (full rights) assigned to the primary administrator of the system.

TIP: To enforce Cashier login at the POS stations, turn on this option under Manager | File | Configuration | Options | POS options | Force logon each sale.

The second and more complex method of protection is accomplished through security levels. These are layers of program access and data access defined by the RMS administrator and/or store owner. Example: You could remove the option to Delete items from all menus unless the user has level 3 rights.

Think of security levels as overlays or masks which block out portions of the program, depending on which security level is assigned to the Cashier.

You can control menu level access and field level access. Individual field access can also be controlled at read/write levels.

Typically a specialty retailer will want to setup 3-5 levels of security, such as:

Owner/Administrator - Level 0
Manager - Level 1
Cashier - Level 2
Employee - Level 3
Part Timer - Level 4

Each level can be built off a prior level where a lower number indicates less security and a higher number indicates more restrictions.

Example: The owner/administrator could have full access rights at Level 0 (the default setting). Managers could have access to control most operations and set employee rights. You could allow certain employees the ability to view sensitive data, but not change it. Part-time employees could be prevented from viewing data entirely, while upper management could both view and modify entries.

Security levels can be added to both the POS and Manager modules. We don't recommend setting up security levels until you've gained some experience with the POS and Manager programs and thought about what you want disabled vs. viewable, but not editable.

Instructions for setting up security levels are included in the reference manual, training workbook, and F1 Help (search for "security"). 
If you know which menu options or fields you want limited or disabled, please have that list handy if you contact our support desk for assistance.

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