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How do I run a report in Store Operations Manager?

Standard reports in RMS can be run a number of different ways.

For example, run Store Operations Manager, select Reports, Items, Quantity List report, OK to run it.

Now click the Collapse icon in top toolbar to summary the report by dept. To expand a report, click on + to view any collapsed data. You can also use the Group tool on the first 3 columns of the report. For example, grouping the first 2 columns will summarize total by depts and categories.

Next right-click on the report and select Show/Hide. Notice you can elect which columns to display. You can also drag and drop columns on the report into other positions by moving the title. This is especially useful if you want to group data by a different column. Drag that column to the leftmost position (column 1).

Other tools include Memorize the report for future reference (will list under Memorized reports) and Export report data to Excel, CSV or tab-delimited data. The Filter tool allows you to reduce a report to only selected data, such as only Dept=X or only item whose Quantity is > 0.

Please note you can drill-down on certain data such as Item Look Code to view/edit Item Properties, or Transaction# to view a receipt in the journal (when viewing a sales report), or Account# (when viewing a report with customer account in a column). Drill-down data is identified by a magnifying glass when you hover over the column.

Most reports in RMS are designed to be run for quick viewing so you don't need to print them, but you can print reports in portrait or Lanscape mode by selecting the Print icon in the toolbar. The Print preview includes other options in the toolbar like "Change printer properties".

F5 or Refresh icon in toolbar regenerates the report data. This is useful if you are editing items while viewing a report or if you are viewing today's sales in real-time.

Custom reports are also included with our add-in suites such as RMS Toolkit or Bicycle Bundle or Reports section of our self-service knowledgebase. You can also request custom reports by posting your requirements to the RMS users forum. 

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