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How can I create a custom report with additional filters or columns?

First try running an existing report that includes the base information you want, then right click on the results and check to see if show/hide list the additional data you are looking for. You can also drag and drop columns on the report or use the grouping icon in report toolbar to group data in columns 1-3. The collapse icon in the toolbar will summarize data to the main group(s). 

If you would like to retain the modified report for future use, click the Memorize icon (diskette) in the report toolbar. The report will then list under Reports, Memorized whenever you want to run the same report again.

If the report you need requires additional columns and filters, it may be possible to customize the report. Queries for most RMS tables can be inserted into a RMS report by requesting a custom report. Try posting your requirements to the RMS Users group where users often share report customizations or offer custom reports for a small fee.

If a custom report is not practical, ask for a SQL query to run in Administrator to extract the data you need, then export that data from Administrator to view in Excel or text editor.

If you don't already have our reports/templates bundle, it is included with our add-in suites (RMS Toolkit, Bicycle Bundle, Hobby Bundle) or can be installed separately.
Please note DRS does not offer report customization.

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