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Is there an EOD report that includes batch detail and summary sales by dept and category in one report?

The custom report mentioned below is designed to emulate EOD reports common to older DOS applications you may have converted from. This report is designed to replace the Register Analsyis report. This report is included with any of our RMS Bundles such as RMS Toolkit or Bicycle Bundle.

The DRS EOD Report defaults to list summary batch data for all registers, plus units, dollars, margins, and percent sales by department and category. Also included is a document detailing the G/L Account entries, so you can properly setup your accounting ledger to match batch data entries.

To run the report select Manager | Utilities | Crystal Reports | DRS EOD Report.

Select the Criteria tab, Date Closed = such as 6-17-10, click Add, then Generate. View or print.

This report is designed to be run after all registers have been Zed out for the day. If you don't set a filter and click Generate immediately, the report will default to Date Closed = Today. This will be zeroes if you run the report in the middle of the day before Z out.

You can reprint this report for any date or date range. You can turn on details by register by selecting the checkbox under Additional Details before running. This will list batch details for each register.

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