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What is the difference between X, Z, and ZZ reports?

Store Operations emulates the X/Z/ZZ functions available with electronic cash registers.

An X report indicates how much money should be in drawer right now. You can X out anytime during the day to verify cash amounts*.

A Z report closes the batch for that drawer and starts a new batch. You must Z out every day, or at the end of any cashier shift where the drawer is counted and the cash removed.

A ZZ report is a summary of all Z reports since the last time the ZZ was run at that register. You should run this periodically, such as weekly or monthly. It performs no function other than to clear the accumulated Z reports (like electronic cash registers work). It primarily serves as a simple report to show total activity for the register station since the last time a ZZ report was run.

The summary of Z reports from all registers is available from Manager | Utilities | Crystal Reports | Register Analysis Report.

For the proper end-of-day procedure see the EOD processing article in this knowledge base.

*To view sales for the day (for all registers) use the Shift-F6 Graph option at any register.

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