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How can I run a report to show sales by hour?

The easiest way to view sales by hour is by pressing Shift-F6 Graphs in POS and select day, week, month, or year and a starting date.
You can also view hourly counts (number of transactions per hour).
Between these two views you can graphically determine the busiest times of the day.

If you prefer a report format, download the attached report to your RMS reports folder, then close Manager and go back in and select Reports, Custom, Detailed Sales by Hour.
Click the Collapse icon in the report toolbar to sum dollars by hour.
Use the Grouping tool to show dollars by dept by hour (group first 2 columns).

Note: The correct location for reports is shown in Store Operations Administrator, File, Configuration, Paths, Reports. You may have to download the file to your desktop first then copy the file to the Reports folder.


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