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I'd like to export my email addresses, but my Customer List report does not show email addresses.

If you ordered one of our vertical market add-ins, such as the Bicycle Bundle, a modified Customer List report was included with that bundle. You do not need to download anything as email address is already included in the Customer List report. Skip to Step 4 below.

If you have V.I.P. Zone, there is an option to export email adresses in two clicks (run V.I.P. Zone from the desktop and view Export tab).

If you have reinstalled or upgraded Store Operations and did not save the Report folder, you can reinstall our modified report by downloading the attached. Please note the file labeled "HQ" is for the HQ Manager Reports folder only.

1) Select My Computer | Program Files | Microsoft Retail Management System | Store Operations | Reports.

2) Right-click on the report called Customer - Customer List, select Properties, and uncheck Read-only at the bottom and click OK.

3) Download the attached relplacement report into the Reports folder. Answer Yes to overwrite existing file. Please note the other report labeled VIP will list under Custom report instead and the entry for HQ should only be used with HQ Manager.

NOTE: To download the file you may need to right-click and select "Save Target As". If the destination file is the same name and is marked ready-only, you will need to delete the original file first. 

4) To export email addresses to a file, run Customer List with the filter set to: email contains @ 

- Drag the email column to the left.
- Right-click on the report and select Hide/Unhide.
- Click on None (email will remain checked).
- Right-click again and select Export.*
- Uncheck the Export hidden rows.
- Select Destination: File, File Format: CSV

*You can alternately click the Copy as Table button in the toolbar, then paste the clipboard contents where needed.


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