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How can I make bulk address corrections to my customer file using V.I.P. Zone?

The USPS license included with V.I.P. Zone to correct mailing addresses cannot be used to perform bulk address corrections.
While we could purchase a subscription license to allow this, it requires a quarterly subscription and a different type of online connection.

Subscription services are designed more for direct mail companies that need to correct their lists constantly including change of address notifications. Most RMS users only want a one time update for their existing customers. If you are willing to pay the subscription fees, please contact our sales office and let them know you are interested. If enough users would this feature added, we can subsidize the cost of the additional licensing fees. In the meantime you can only update one address at a time.

If your customer list is not too large to handle, you can perform rapid address corrections by following these steps.

1. Display your entire customer list or filter by state or zip code.
2. Scroll down the list and locate any entries without Zip+4 shown in the right column. TIP: To display Zip Code in the default list view, make sure Include Company is not selected in Setup, Defaults.
3. Highlight the customer and press F2 Address Correction.

This will be a tedious chore to perform, but it only has to be done once.
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