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HQ Deployment

Make sure HQ Server is configured with a fixed IP address using a high number if workstations will not be using fixed addresses. 254 should work unless there is a local restricted range in router setup (ex. 50).

Port forwarding: call it HQ Server, port 34200, static IP for server, both TCP and UCP (or whatever it's called)

Follow instructions in training workbook for either first time setup store deployment (adding HQ) or deployment of a new store location (much easier).

Store info for HQ Admin entry (name, address. phone); connection password desired.

Template db prep:

Backup db -- xxxpreHQ

Inventory wizard to export restocking levels in case needed at other locations.

Inventory wizard for current QOH in case needed to repopulate quantities.

DRS Tools: Delete old items never used (over 2 years); delete customers never used (over 2 years); mark inactive over 2 years

Customer options: Enable global customers and new customer as global by default 

Disable for all security levels in Store Ops template db:

New, Delete, Copy  --
Item Messages
Dept & Categories
Item Taxes
Sales Taxes
Tender Types
Account Types
Shipping Carriers
Reason Codes

New Item Wizard in PO and New Item Wizard under Wizards

Customers: Delete only (also in POS)

POS: F2 Items (New, Delete, Copy)

WS260 in HQ Manager

NOT until later -- UPDATE Customer SET GlobalCustomer = 1  (only when deploying HQ for the first time for an existing store db (Store #1) during setup (see pg 34), NOT before creating a template db to deploy to a new store location) -- why??? (ran this on Hobby Action is error; any probs?)

Shrink db, reindex/check, then zip for transfer to HQ server (if required).

Backup db -- xxx_HQtemplate

Determine if RSL/ROP is in use and how to retain and copy to new stores (if requested).
To be safe you can export RSL/ROP using Task 160 in Inventory Wizard (CSV option) in case the values need to be inserted back (using same task after deployment).

Verify clock/date is correct on all PCs especially the server before proceeding with a deployment.

Create blank db for HQ

Disable WS 260 in HQ Manager

If large amount of transaction history to move from Store 1 to HQ, try placing store db at HQ (at least on local network) and run the initial 401/101 connection there then restore or copy the db back to Store 1 (disable SQL at Store 1 during the process).

HQ Manager, File, Configuration: Upload sales journal, automatically create inter-store transfer receive/issue, previously defined sub-descriptions, (NOT) avg weighted cost, automatically acknowledge WS's, Hide details in PO Planner, Accounts tab: set default after import (if desired)

Follow deployment steps in Maintenance Mode;  Accounts tab: set default after import (if desired)

Setup all store locations.

Import with defaults.

IMPORTANT: Backup Store1 for use as template for Store2 deployment WHEN deployment is performed. Don't use original HQ template db. Also MAKE SURE the store template database is named to match name in use if db is moved from another location or PC. IE, don't name it anything other than what works at the store level.

Remember to configure all tabs for HQ Client before first run. If HQ Server tab does not test successfully, add inbound firewall rule on server for port 34200 (HQ Server).

shell:common startup 

Monitor HQ Client log until successful; 10-15 minutes or more is normal if large item db and existing journals to upload.

Set HQ Client tab in Store Ops Admin on all PCs.
Set HQ Admin to HQcorp if previously using sample db on other PCs.

When starting POS the first time at a new store the login password is Password after which you will be prompted to change it. Ditto for all cashiers including DRS Support.

Ask which PCs get HQ Manager and install that before hot fixes and DRS add-ins.

Post deployment:

If needed use scripts to zero qty and committed qty on any new store dbs then 501/190.

UPDATE Item SET Quantity = 0

To ensure prior workorders display in SM (only performed at Store 1) --

UPDATE [Order] SET StoreId = 1 WHERE StoreID = 0  
UPDATE [Order] SET StoreId = 1 WHERE StoreID = 0
UPDATE [DRS_O_Extension] SET StoreId = 1 WHERE StoreID = 0
UPDATE [DRS_OE_Extension] SET StoreId = 1 WHERE StoreID = 0
UPDATE [OrderEntry] SET StoreId = 1 WHERE StoreID = 0
UPDATE [OrderHistory] SET StoreId = 1 WHERE StoreID = 0

Committed qty scripts run to fix any errant committed qty's.

1, Password to 1, password and enter z0 password again (DRS Support)

Run db scripts as suggested by J. Hobbs (see Upgrade SQL 2008 R2 article -- one group of scripts that can be run together)

May need to install SQL 2008 R2 if HQ db is over 3G to begin with.

Power Ops - HQ on any PCs that run HQ Manager. Also in Add-ins folder for HQ.

SOT: Hqclientconfig and HQtransfer\transfer on store server

BB/HB: local store Linker; HQ keys

SOT: \\\users\public\HQtransfer\transfer;

AG at HQ for SOT (?), barcode, sales tax options.

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