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How can I export a customer list or print mailing labels?

How can I export or print a customer list with addresses?

Option 1: Run Manager | Utilities | Crystal Reports | Customer Mailing Labels and select the export or print option.
You can these print labels using Avery 5160 sheet-fed mailing labels available from any office supply store.

If you have the Bicycle Bundle or RMS Toolkit, our version of this report (DRSlabels.def) will skip incomplete addresses (missing city, state, or address line).

Option 2: Run Manager | Reports | Customers | List. 

1. Click OK to run the report.
2. Right-click on the report and select Show/Hide.
3. Click None at the bottom.
4. Select Full Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, ST, Zip. (Or remove Full Name and use First and Last Name if your mailing service prefers that format.)
5. Click OK to run the report.
6. Right-click on the report and select Export.
IMPORTANT: Uncheck "Export hidden rows".
Destination: Select Email if you will be sending the data. Select File if you want to save to disk.
File Format: Select CSV or tab-delimited (ask your mailing service what they prefer). Tab-delimited is safer in cause quotes appear anywhere in your data.
7. Click OK to export your data.
Send that file to your mailing service as an attachment.
8. Click on the diskette icon in the toolbar and name the memorized report Mailing List Export. In the future locate this report under Reports | Memorized. Follow the steps above to export the data.

Note: Ask your mailing service to ignore the Account # entry or you can remove that entry before export by dragging Full Name to the left-most column and using Show/Hide to remove Account #.

Option 3: Connect Microsoft Word to your customer database to produce mailing labels, mailing lists, email broadcasts, and form letters directly from within MS Word. Search the Solutions KB for "word".

Option 4: If you have our V.I.P. Zone add-in, select the desktop shortcut or Manager, Utilities, Add-ins (not POS), select Export tab, View button, enable Exclude Incomplete Addresses, click Export, select file type and enter filename.

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