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How can I generate a list of customers who have completed at least one purchase at my store?

Option 1:

1. Launch Manager and choose Manager | Reports menu | Customer List.
2. In the Select Filter Option choose Total Sales.
3. In the Operator field choose After (>).
4. In the Filter value field insert the value 0.
5. Click the Add button to include this criteria for the report.
6. Click OK to generate the report and view the list of customers who have completed at least one purchase.
7. You should see a list of customers where the value in the Total Sales field is greater than 0. If you do not see the Total Sales column, right-click in the body of the report and choose Hide/Unhide Columns. Here you can check and uncheck boxes of columns you would like to view.
8. You can print the report by clicking the Printer icon in the upper left hand corner of the report. When the Print Preview window appears, click the Printer icon once more to print the document.

Option 2:

If you own DRS V.I.P. Zone, run the desktop edition, select Export tab, enter filter criteria, click View, then Export or Labels.

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