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How can I print a report listing all Customers and the Items they purchased for a given month?

1. In Store Operations Manager, go to Reports | Sales | Detailed Sales. (Or Reports | Custom | Profit Report (Items) if you have purchased one of our add-in Bundles.)

2. Print the Detailed Sales Report to the screen (At this point, it does not matter what restrictions you put on the report because you are going to modify the columns)

3. When the report is printed to the screen, right-click anywhere on the report and choose Hide/Unhide Columns.

4. Check off the Customer column to display.

5. Click OK and you will see that the Customer column has been added to the report.

6. Click the Memorize Report icon to save the report and give it a name such as Customer Sales.

7. The memorized report can be recalled by going to Reports | Memorized.

8. Depending on what sort of data you wish to be displayed, you can filter the report by Last Sold or Date Sold to see a list of items.

9. By default the report will be grouped by Items. If you would like to group by Customer, drag the Customer column to the left most column of the report and save this this format. This will give you a list of Customers along with the Items they purchased that fall within the date range you have specified.
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