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How can I create reorder lists before generating Purchase Orders? If I generate Purchase Orders the items are split up by Primary or lowest cost supplier. I want to view all items that need to be ordered regardless of supplier.

Details: You must first set reorder point and restock levels for the items you want to order on a regular basis.

Now go to Reports | Items | Quantity List and set the filter to Qty to Order > 0. This report will list everything you need to order based on Reorder Point(ROP) and Restock Level(RSL), sorted by dept/category. You can regroup or sort this report any which way you want.

Example: Drag Supplier to the leftmost column, click on Description to sort by that column, add additional logic such as Supplier= or Last Sold Date, etc.

You can also create separate reorder reports for Bicycles Only vs. Parts & Accessories vs. Clothing, and save these as Memorized reports. You may also want to create a report limited to Parts & Accessories and all 'generic' suppliers. This would list the items that can be purchased from multiple vendors.

Use these reports as planning worksheets before creating POs, or to supplement orders in progress. The basic criteria is whether you have set ROP/RSL for items.

However, you could also run a report to list items sold since mm-dd-yy which don't have a ROP/ROL set or whose quantity on hand is less than X. Then double-click on the ILC (item lookup code) for items you want to reorder next time and set a ROP/RSL under the Invenory tab.
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