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How can I move reorder point and restock level from all store locations to HQ?

To view what ROP/RSL entries will be moved from stores to HQ run HQ Manager, Reports, Items, Snapshot Store Quantity List,
If you agree with the changes backup your HQ database then run this script in HQ Administator -- 

Update itemdynamic set reorderpoint = snapshotreorderpoint, restocklevel = snapshotrestocklevel

If you are unsure how to run a script start a chat session on our help desk for assistance.

IMPORTANT: This over-writes all ROP/RSL entries currently configured in HQ Manager and replaces them with entries created at the store level. You may want to run this periodically if you rely on KPI stats and sales histories at the store level to adjust ROP/RSL at the stores. This is typically performed while creating or receiving a PO at a store. Detailed sales/purchase history by items is displayed in the right hand pane (Ordering Guidance, Sales History, Order History, KPI Data). You can modify the ROP/RSL entries in that pane for use in generating suggested PO's.

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