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Can I set min/max (ROP/RSL) for a child item but order parent item instead?

Microsoft RMS handles case/unit products through a parent/child relationship.
The parent item (case or box) is ordered from the supplier while the unit item (child) is sold to the consumer.
The quickest way to create parent/child (case/unit) items is create the parent them then copy the parent to create the child.
If you'd like reorder point/restock level for child item (unit) to suggest ordering a parent (case) you can follow these steps.

  1. Include case/box in the description of the parent item so there is no confusion on what the item is.
    Example, BX, Case or BX/12 to indicate box of 12.
  2. Append -C to end of item lookup code for the child item.
    Example, 12345-C for child while parent item is 12345.

  3. Leave SRN (supplier reorder number) blank for the child item or insert DO NOT ORDER as the supplier part number. This ensures a child item is not ordered in error.

  4. Leave ROP/RSL at 0/0 for the parent item. Set desired ROP/RSL for the child.

  5. Whenever a -C item appears on a suggested PO, replace that item with the proper parent item (same ILC but without -C) before placing the order.
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