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How can I add new items to a purchase order?

You cannot add new items to a purchase order directly from the Purchase Order screen unless you are running RMS v2.0. On earlier versions of RMS you must first create the new items by using Item List, New Item Wizard, or the Power Ops (add-in module).

However, one main advantage of a Windows app is you can have multiple windows running at the same time. When you have new items to add while creating a PO, we suggest you keep the Item List open or the New Item Wizard handy for matrix items. With multiple windows up, it's easy to note any new item numbers and enter them into the PO. You can also cut-and-paste item codes from the Item Properties screen.

Use QuickScan in Purchase Orders to pop up a grid for any matrix items. Search for or enter the Class Lookup Code. You can then quickly fill out the quantities ordered for all items in the matrix.

Another trick you can use to expedite purchase order creation is to enter the vendor's part number in two places. Once under the Supplier tab (or on the PO Content listing), and again under Alias (which can be reached by double-clicking on the item code from the PO listing). Now you can enter the vendor's part number directly into a purchase order using QuickScan.

- For running multiple windows we suggest a minumum monitor setting of 1024x768 with 17" or larger monitor. 
- Adding new items on-the-fly from within Purchase Order has been suggested to MBS as a future enhancement (confirmed for v2). 
- If you are a conversion customer, we can login to your system and copy all your unique reorder numbers (vendor part numbers) to item Aliases. This allows you to enter those part numbers into POs directly using Add or QuickScan.
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