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How can I update my supplier costs on file so purchase orders reflect current pricing?

Option A: Manager, Wizards, Inventory Wizards, Task 140: Change item ordering info, Item from these suppliers, pick one supplier, generate the worksheet. Click Export button and create a file (CSV, tab-delimited, or XML).

Have your supplier edit this file to fill in cost column with updated prices then return to the same worksheet and click Import. If satisfied with the results, click Commit.

Option B: Have your supplier provide updated costs to Bike-alog or ask them to support direct links to JumpStart.

To update data from Bike-alog, select JumpStart tab, then Update existing items using Bike-alog. Click Supplier button to load current suppliers on file, then select a supplier to update. Next pick an update option (cost, UPC/GTIN, picture, etc. or all).

To update data from direct supplier links, select JumpStart tab, then Supplier File, pick a supported supplier, then click the Update button.

Option C: If your supplier supports DRS add-in integration for RMS, use PO Loader to Sync Costs before pushing the purchase order to the supplier's order entry system. Depending on the supplier, you can also verify warehouse availability and remove undeliverable items from the PO before sending.

Option D: Update the costs on the PO while you are creating the PO in RMS. Changes will take effect when the PO is received and committed.

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