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How can I export my QBP purchase orders to QBP's online order entry system?

If you are using the latest edition of the Bicycle Bundle, PO Loader automates this process. See PO Loader Help for details. Otherwise follow these steps. Also view the QBP tutorial from our tutorials page.

1. Complete your PO, select Print, click on the Export icon, select Destination: File and File Format: HTML. Click OK and save the file to your Desktop (or an easy-to-find folder).
2. Use Word to open the file (or Excel). Scroll down to the line item section and highlight the first two columns including all Quantities and Order Numbers. Right click and select Copy.
3. Login to QBP, start an order, and select Multi Line Entry. Right-click in Box 1 of the form and select Paste. Click Next and follow QBP's instructions to complete your order.

Alternate Method: Create a custom report by PO# listing Quantity and Reorder Number. Run the report, right-click and select Copy to Table, then paste into Box 1 as described above.
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