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How can I add store information to the bottom of roll paper receipts, such as a store slogan, website address, or return policy?

1) Go to Manager | Database | Registers | Receipt Formats.
2) Select the roll paper receipt format.
3) Click on Properties under Sales.
4) Scroll down to the footer section.
5) Enter your information. IMPORTANT: Phrases need to be entered between double quotes.
6) Click on Refresh to review your changes.
7) Click OK when satisfied with the results.
8) Anwser Yes to update all transaction types (Cancelled, Layway, etc.), or answer No if you only want changes to affect Sales receipts.
9) Exit POS and restart to activate your changes.

If you need more than 5 lines of information, a customized receipt format is required. 

IMPORTANT: If you have a lengthy return policy, you should not try to add it to the bottom of receipts. Instead order pre-printed thermal paper rolls with your policy on back (just like box stores do). This is cheaper than wasting extra paper on every receipt. Google/Bing "preprinted thermal paper" for sources online. Most thermal receipt printers use 80mm (3") rolls.


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