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What format does Store Operations require for our store logo to be placed on receipts with an OPOS driver?

TIP: If your logo is already the correct size (225 pixels max), open it using Start, Programs, Accessories, MS Paint, and select Save As, type set to Monochrome Bitmap.Then follow the setup instructions below.

First you'll need a thermal receipt printer. Logos cannot be printed on dot matrix printers. 

Next you'll need a logo saved as a bitmap (.bmp), in black and white, sized to actual dimension of the printed area. Normally this is about 130-225 pixels wide depending on the format of your logo. Anything wider than 225 pixels will cause the logo to be rendered prior to printing (longer pause before printing).

We suggest you have the logo created in vector format (smooth lines) or as over-sized tiff or jpeg, then resize the image to the required size before saving as monochrome bitmap. This will ensure as smooth an edge as possible.

Save your logo as a monochrome bitmap (1 bit). If the logo has greyscale edges or accents, it won't print on a thermal receipt printer unless you elimnates shades of grey. If there is a continuous line of greyscale the entire logo will be ignored.

Monochrome bitmap images (2 colors, 1 bit) will always work. This also ensures the file size is small (usually less than 10k). However, you may need to utilize the 16 million colors setting while sizing to avoid jagged edges.

Anything larger than 50k is asking for problems.

Place the image in the LOCAL Pictures folder and enter that path in Administrator | File | Configuration | Register | Logo.

1. Launch Administrator.
2. Go to File | Configuration and choose the Register tab. Take note of the location of the Store Logo on the hard drive. You will want to save your Store Logo to that same location (ex.Program Files\\Microsoft Retail Management System\\Store Operations\\Pictures).
3. Change the path and/or filename in the Register tab to point to your Store Logo file.
We suggest you install the logo on the local PC and copy the logo to the same folder on all POS stations.
4. Launch Manager and go to Database | Registers | Receipt Formats.
5. Choose the Receipt and go to Properties.
6. Click the Properties button next to the Receipt and then change Show Header Logo or Show Footer Logo to True and click OK. Answer Yes to update all transaction types.
7. To test the new Logo, go back into Properties and you should see the new Logo. You can also print a Receipt in POS to test it.
If the new Logo is not showing, verify the Location in Administrator to verify it is located in the Pictures folder of the Store Operations directory.

Should the Logo appear in the Journal correctly, but not print on the actual Receipt, do the following:
1. Open the Logo file with an graphic editor and resize the Logo to the approximate size it would appear on the Receipt. The total file size should be no more than 20 KB once it has been resized.
2. Save the file as a File Type of "Monochrome Bitmap." This will also aid in reducing the overall file size of the Logo.

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