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How can I quickly export my sale items to my website?

Reports in Store Operations can instantly be converted into HTML tables, ready for publishing to your website, eBay, or for use in email broadcasts and printed flyers.

Create a custom report called 'Sale Price List' using Item Price List as a template, or download the attached file below into Programs | Microsoft Retail Management System | Store Operations | Reports. Use this report as a template and modify the filters to meet your needs.

From Manager, select Reports | Custom | Sale Price List and generate the report.

Note: Modified reports that are saved will list under Reports | Memorized.

Next right-click on the report and select Copy to a Table. You can now paste the HTML table into your web authoring software.

Alternately you can right click and select Export | File | HTML. Save to the Desktop or folder of your choice. To view your exported list, double-click on the file, then use cut-and-paste your list to your website editor.

If you are viewing your sale list in a browser, select Edit, Select All, then Edit, Copy, then paste into your HTML editor or website publisher.

TIP: If you do not want Quantity shown, right-click and select Hide/Unhide and remove the checkmark from Quantity.

Fields such as Extended Description and Notes can also be exported this way. This allows you to export additional content for sites like eBay. eBay offers free utilities to work with data in spreadsheet format. Visit eBay Services for details.
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