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How can I filter the Inventory Wizard to only list items in stock?

Many times you want to work on lists of items that only include in-stock products. In Store Operations the Inventory Wizard does not provide a feature to limit worksheets to only in-stock products.


Option 1
If you already have a list of items you want to put on sale, use the add items manually option in Inventory Wizard. Note: You can make your list using Reports | Quantity List by the filters of your choice.

Option 2
If you have a short list, create your listing of item using Reports | Quantity List and make your edits from there by double-clicking on the ILC for each item

Option 3
Use the wizard as is, then click on the Export option to create a CSV file. Now massage your list (delete line items) in Excel or Wordpad. Next use the manually generated list option and import your massaged file.
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