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When peforming a Physical Inventory count, how can I exclude inactive items from the count worksheets?

By default, generated count lists will include Inactive items since there could very well be items marked Inactive that are still in stock. However, you can remove the Inactive items from count lists by selecting "Generate for all items in the specified filter". Set Inactive = No. If that is the only filter set, all items in your database will list except Inactive items.

TIP: If it often easier to process counts in sections by dept/category or supplier, such as all Bicycles or all Brand X Bicycles in Category Y.

Better yet, don't worry about this issue at all. Use blind inventory worksheets and only record item codes and quantities. Use Word to create a 3 column page consisting of item code and quantity with a title line to write in any selected inventory notes, such as Accessories Only or Supplier X Products, etc. A single page provides enough room for up to 60 entries (3 columns of 20 entries).

Blind inventories mean faster data collection, since you aren't flipping through printed worksheets to locate line items by item code or description.

Even better, pick up our handheld solution and take speedy inventories by scanning your items, upload the counts, then process the changes after viewing the discrepancy report on screen. Contact our Sales office for details at 800-322-9471.

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