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When I click Calculate to process a Physical Inventory count, the error "Invalid Count Date" appears.

At least one or more item count dates is set to a date/time before the physical inventory open date. Because of the calculations being used with the open date, count date and calculated date, the count date must occur after the open date. (See Notes below as to why you may want to use the date stamp feature.)


Use the following steps to set the count date to a time after the opened date.

In the future make sure you generate a new worksheet (and save it) BEFORE you start counting, and your PC clocks are in sync with your RMS database server.

1. Click OK to the error message "Invalid count Date. In order to continue, items must not have count dates that are earlier than the physical inventory open time." to return to the Physical Inventory Count window.
2. Right-click in the Items pane and select Show/Hide Columns.
3. If the Count Date column is not checked in the Options window, select it to include it in the columns to display.
4. Click OK to save changes and exit the Options window. The Items pane will now include the Count Date column.
5. Locate the items that have a Count Date that is earlier than the Opened date. The Opened date is displayed at the top of the Physical Inventory Count window.
6. Change the Count Date to occur after the Opened date.
a. To make changes to one item, click the Count Date field for that item, and then click the expansion button (square button with 3 dots on it) to open the Count Date window. Enter the appropriate count date and time and then click OK.
b. To make changes to all items, click the Set Dates button that is only displayed when the Count Dates column in the Physical Inventory Count window is displayed. Enter the appropriate count date and time and then click OK.
7. When all item count dates are set to occur after the physical inventory open date, click Calculate to view the expected inventory quantities for the items selected and continue with the Physical Inventory.

Notes: Count date can be used to accurately process inventory counts while the store remains open for business. To use this feature you must create the worksheet in Physical Inventory and save it before you begin entering your counts. You will also need a handheld device that can time stamp each count. Example: Widget A is counted at 10:35am with sales and receipts of that item occuring at various times throughout the day. When the calculation button is clicked in Physical Inventory, the program will verify the count time stamp against the transaction activity and adjust accordingly. So if you counted 12 units of Widget A at 10:30am, and sold two units at 9am that day, plus four more at 4pm, and received a dozen units at 3pm, the program can intelligently calculate the total on hand should be 20 (12 units at 10:30am minus 4 units sold at 4pm plus 12 received at 3pm = 20 on hand).
WARNING: This feature only works if you are running RMS 2.0.0162 or higher. If you do not have the required version, contact our help desk for update instructions.

WARNING: Make sure your handheld device's clock is in sync with your RMS server and that all workstations on your network are in sync with your RMS server. Windows includes a feature to set the system clock to Internet Time. Double-click on the time in the right corner of your system tray and view the Internet Time option under settings. A network administrator can also configure your workstation PCs to sync their clocks with the server when booted.

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