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Retail Realm Countdown Notice for RMS End of Life -- What it really means.

If you recently received a notice from Retail Realm announcing a countdown for RMS End-of-Life on June 30, 2021 some clarification is required.

As a current RMS user you DO NOT need to purchase any licenses to continue running RMS.
What was not made clear is that current users are entitled to purchase additional lane licenses if they plan to add more register lanes in the future. This has no bearing on your current system setup.
You can continue to run RMS and add Manager stations to your network for as long as you wish to do so. You can also migrate RMS from existing PCs to new ones when replacement is required whether a POS lane or back-office station or server.

As to the upgrade path to Retail Management Hero or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail (or other platforms), you can make that decision at any time in the future regardless of the EOL date of June 30, 2021. That date is simply the last day you can purchase additional licenses of RMS.
In July of this year Microsoft Dynamics will also discontinue extended support for RMS meaning you can no longer receive 2nd tier support from Microsoft Dynamics. However, the existing RMS knowlegebase resource remains available for customers.

As previously stated in other articles on our help desk 1st tier operational support for RMS will continue to be available from DRS and other RMS resellers for years to come. Some resellers also provide 2nd tier support for RMS such as database repair and SQL services.
If you decide to upgrade from RMS in the future that path remains open to you. Otherwise, you can continue to run RMS for as long as it meets your needs. DRS Add-ins for RMS will also run for as long as you wish to use them. Please note we have no plans to rewrite our add-ins to work with RMH. However, other resellers offer add-ins and customizations for both RMH (on-premise solution) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (cloud based). If you do decide you'd like to upgrade you should consider all possibilities as most point-of-sale software vendors offer conversion of basic data (items, suppliers, customers). You should weigh the pros and cons of each platform before making a decision.

If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience by starting a conversation on our help desk at Please note charges may apply.

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