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Alternate RMS support providers

The following partners provide continuing support for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and DRS Add-ins as well as upgrade services for migrating RMS to other point-of-sale platforms. 

Please contact a company to determine if they will meet your support or upgrade needs.
All have long-time experience selling and supporting RMS.

Listed in alphabetical order --

Factor One
Area served: US and Canada - nationwide
Support hours:  9 – 5 Monday to Friday - MST
Support options: e-mail, phone, remote logon, onsite possible
Support email: 
Support phone:  403-243-6985
Sales contact: Shannon Dewald,, 403-456-5862
Info: Factor One provides support and transition assistance for both RMS and RMH. Experience with website integrations such as NitroSell (Websell).    

New West Technologies
Area served: Nationwide
Support hours: Standard hours: M-F, 8:30am-5pm PT. Off-peak hours: 24/7/365
Support options: onsite, remote, phone and email
Support email:
Support phone: (503) 235-4656 x2
Sales contact: (503) 235-4656 x1 or (800) 466-7839
Info: New West Technologies is a point-of-sale software and service provider, specializing in RMH, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and RMS. We offer a catalog of RMH and Dynamics extensions, a 24/7 help desk, software development services, and support DRS add-ins.

System Solutions LLC
Area served: Nationwide
Support hours: 8:30 – 5:00 PM, 24 Hours if on Support Plan
Support options: ticket/email, phone, remote logon
Support email:       
Support phone: (860) 781-6379
Sales contact: or 860-781-7136
Info: Supporting RMS and Sales/Support for Microsoft’s next generation Microsoft 365 Business Central for wholesale, retail, and distribution with full financials. Run Cloud or Offline, any device, any-time, anywhere in the world, run the entire business.

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