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Why we no longer offer phone support.

DRS Help Desk discontinued phone service at the end of December 2012.

Phone support typically requires a callback, phone tag, or waiting in a queue.
Ticket replies (conversations) on the other hand ensure you can continue to serve your customers and conduct business while we reply to your question or connect to your system and perform the services requested. You can optionally watch what we are doing during a remote connection or check back periodically on status. If you don't wish to monitor a chat box, we can notify you by email if your attention is required.

A good portion of our time is spent performing steps or downloads or upgrades that do not require active end-user participation. It is a counter-productive to do this type of work by phone when an operator with remote connection can check periodically as they proceed through a series of steps -- none of which you need to be involved with.
Remote logon also means we can work on multiple PCs at the same time -- something that is impossible to do by phone. We can often complete the work in half the time that phone support or even onsite service would require for the same procedures.
The combination of remote connection assistance with chat (as needed) is the most efficient and speediest way to provide service.

Granted, some customers don't like to type or are quick to mis-interpret text replies, but the overall experience has proven better for both parties. If you are not comfortable with this approach you are welcome to contact an alternate support provider as listed here. Most offer phone support as an option.

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