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MozyPro alternatives

Mozy has been purchased by Carbonite. The shared cloud backup service included with DRS Support plans has been phased out.


Storage limits will be much greater with a direct subscription cloud service. You will be able to backup all of your documents and data, not just RMS related files. Some services include unlimited backups. If you only want to backup RMS and your space requirements are minimal, iDrive offers a free account for up to 5G.
Most cloud service client apps include a setup wizard that will search for and locate common files and folders to backup including SQL databases*. RMS does not require a server OS backup client.

Once your initial backup has completed make sure the following files and folders are included for RMS (or add them as needed).

1. Your SQL database files which will be in the SQL data folder on your server.
Example: MSSQL\Data\<databasename>.mdf and <databasename>.ldf
The mdf file is the database and the ldf file is the log. Both are required to restore a database.
The name of your database is shown in Store Ops Manager, Help, About.
No other SQL files are required.

*Note: A basic Carbonite subscription does not include SQL database files or files larger than 4G by default. You will require Carbonite Safe Server Backup edition to backup SQL Server databases. The basic subscription can only backup a RMS backup file (.bck) and other large files by manually selecting the file for backup once the Carbonite service is installed.

2.  This install folder containing all RMS related installers and files. If DRS installed your system that will be:

3. If you have configured shared reports and picture folders for RMS you'll want those folders included.
Example:  C:\Users\Public\MRMStransfer\Reports
The only shared RMS folders worth backing up are Reports, Crystal Reports, Labels, and Pictures. This assumes you are using shared folders and want backup of memorized reports, custom labels, and product images.

Once you have deployed an alternative backup proceduer you should remove the MozyPro client app under Control Panel, Programs, uninstall Mozy.

For foolproof RMS database backups we continue to recommend manual backup as an end-of-day procedure to USB or external hard drive. This is the only method that checks the integrity of the database tables while the backup file is created. Cloud backup copies the two database files without checking content or verifying the tables. That means you could backup a corrupted database unintentionally. The is why most cloud services include "version history" backups for a limited number of days. Example: Restore a file from a week ago versus yesterday's copy.

USB or external hard drive backup means an alternate server can be setup in minutes. Cloud backups can take hours to restore depending on size of your database and ISP connection speeds.
Manual backups can be run from Store Ops Manager, Utilties, Backup. You can also enable the reminder to backup every time you exit Manager.

Backups can also be run from Store Ops Administrator, File, Connect, enter SQL password. Database, Backup.
If you elect to use a USB drive we recommend alternating drives which provided you with a current backup and prior day's backup. The file name can be the same (such as RMSbackup) and you can over-write the prior file each time.

A manual backup folder can also be included with a cloud backup for offsite protection.

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