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How to redo a Physical Inventory worksheet that was committed before all counts were entered.

  1. Run Store Operations Manager, Inventory, Physical Inventory.
  2. Double-click on the closed/committed worksheet you'd like to recreate.
  3. Click Print, OK to display report, then drag Item Lookup Code column to leftmost position.
  4. Right-click on report and select Show/Hide. Uncheck all entries other than Item Lookup Code, Qty Counted to Date, and Count Date, then OK to display the results.
  5. Click the Copy as Table button in top toolbar.
  6. Open Notepad, paste (Ctrl-V) clipboard into Notepad, delete the first line (ILC, Description, Date), then save the file.
  7. Close the committed worksheet and click Copy to create a new worksheet the same as the original.
  8. Import the count file you created in Step 6 by clicking the Import File button*.
  9. Make any corrections necessary to the worksheet then calculate and commit as normal.
*If you have not imported a file before (typically created by a handheld device) select CSV, field delimited = comma and set field matching order to Item Lookup Code = 1, Quantity = 2, Count Date = 3. Then import the file and watch for any errors. Make any changes necessary and import again. There should be no errors.

Note: If count date error occurs you can alter the count dates on the worksheet by scrolling to the right and the count date column will be appear with an elllipsis button (...). Click on that button to alter the date/time for the first entry. Then right-click on that entry and select Copy, then right-click again and select Paste to All Rows.
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