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What's the difference between Cashiers and Sales Reps?

Cashiers control the login capabilities in both the POS and Manager modules. If you don't pay commissions you don't need to enter Sales Reps, but if you want to track sales performance or who sold what, you can do so by assigning sales reps.

To create Sales Reps run Manager | Database | Sales Reps. If your salespeople typically ring in their own sales, you can make the cashier and sales rep codes the same.

Cashiers have security rights. Sales Reps do not.
Cashiers can have optional passwords. Sales Reps do not.
Cashiers can punch in/out of TimeClock. Sales Reps cannot.
Sales Reps can be paid commissions. Cashiers cannot.

If you want sales reps to have access to TimeClock, enter a duplicate entry for each Sales Rep under Cashiers with whatever security rights you'd like to allow.

Each customer invoice can track both a cashier and a sales rep.

Defining both sales reps and cashiers allows you to easily ring in a sales under any cashier logon, while assigning credit for the sale to the appropriate sales rep.

Sales reps can also be assigned by line item to support split commissions by item. Example: Sales rep X sells item 1234, while Sales rep Y sells item 0202 on the same invoice.

You can enable the prompt or requirement for Sales Rep selection under Manager | File | Configuration | Options | POS.

To assign Sales Reps to the entire sale press Shift-F8.

To change the Sales Rep for a particular line item in POS, move the cursor to the rightmost column and press F2.
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