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What information does the DRS Status Window display?

DRS Status Window with Margin Calculator and Order Alert

This custom status is installed in POS when your purchase one of our add-in bundles. Contact our Sales office for more information at 800-322-9471.

You may need to size the Status Window at each POS station to fit properly. To do so press Ctrl-F6 in POS, select Transaction Screen, Display HTML Status/Height and enter 14-18%. The exact figure will depend on screen size and resolution settings for that workstation. Try 14% to start.

If any of your stations are set to 800x600 resolution try 18% for Status Bar, 14% for Custom Buttons, and 10% for Function Keys. If your POS station is using a larger font setting than normal, you will need a scaled down version of the status window for those stations. Let us know if this is the case.

To maximize content without scrolling you may need to change your date format to show two digit years not four. To do this go to Control Panel | Regional Options | Customize | Date | Short Date Format and change the format to M/d/yy.

The DRS Status Window lists the following customer information:

- Lifetime Sales
- Total Savings (discounted sales)
- YTD Sales
- Last Sale Date
- Last Serialized Item Purchased (if serialized items are defined in your system)

1st column: Custom Text fields
2nd column: Custom Number fields
3rd column: Custom Date fields

A fair amount of space allocated to custom fields may currently be unused at your store. However, we will be adding features in the future to take advantage of these fields. If you'd like to see where these fields are defined, go to Manager | File | Configuration | Captions. Defining these fields allows you to enter more information for a customer under the Additional tab in Customer Properties.

4th column: Account Status -- customer since mm/dd/yyyy, number of Visits, Price Level, Discount percent, Balance, (I)tem margin, (T)otal margin, Workorders, Layaways, Backorders, Holds, and Quotes.

W/o,Lay,B/o,Hld,Q color coding: Bolded entry for numbers and dollars, blinking dollars in red if balance due on account; text color is dependent on money owed versus credit.

(T)otal margin is displayed continuously.
(I)tem margin is displayed whenever the cursor is moved to a specific ILC.

I: and T: will not appear unless the Cashier's security priviledge has been set to 'Allowed to view cost information' under Managers | Cashiers.

TIP: If a customer ever asks what the I and T figures mean, we suggest you train your staff to say:
I = "Internal Index"
T = "Transaction Code"

If the screen colors on a workstation are not set to 16-bit or higher, the transition background won't look as intended. We can remove the background color or transition effect if needed, or can supply a different color scheme upon request.

TIP: You can quickly play "what-if pricing" in POS by cursoring to an item's price and changing it there. The new margin will display instantly in the DRS Status Window.

Let us know if you have any problems or suggestions for improving the DRS Status Window.
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