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How can I setup RMS to capture more information about my customers and display this data in POS?

A customer profile can display at the top of the screen in the POS whenever you select a customer.

You can add customer profile data in three formats: text, date, and numeric. First you'll want to define captions under Manager | File | Configuration | Captions (button) | Customers.

There are 5 text fields, 5 dates fields, and 5 numeric fields. Example: Text field = Club Member, Date field = Birthday or Anniversary, Number field = Number of Children.

We suggest you restrict these fields to data that can be entered quickly and which has a known value for marketing and customer service efforts.

Once you have your captions defined, save them in Manager, then exit POS and reenter. The captioned fields should now show up under Customer Properties | Additional tab.

Your salespeople should complete a customer profile that includes the Additional tab whenever a new customer is added, or whenever they notice information is missing.
To display this extra information at the top of the POS screen requires a custom status window. DRS Status Window is included with our Bicycle Bundle or our RMS Toolkit add-in. Contact our sales office at 800-322-9471 for more information.

If you already own the Bundle or Toolkit this feature can be activated by engaging a support rep by starting a conversation.

If you collect customer names for the purpose of direct marketing (postcards and email broadcast), consider the benefits of our V.I.P. Zone add-in.
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