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TenderView in POS has stopped working after an upgrade is installed.

Option A: Reinstall TenderView

Unzip installer, right-click and select Run as Administrator.
Repeat on any affected POS lanes.

Option B: Correct the URL entry in Manager.

TenderView should be installed and accessed locally and not over the network to the server. Most likely your previous installation of TenderView is pointing to a shared folder on your server.

See Store Operations, Administrator, File, Configuration, Register tab, and make sure HTML is set to the local drive.
Example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\\Store Operations\Html\DRSStatusWindowSOT.htm
If this was not set to local drive you will need to set it locally (to Status.htm if necessary), then run the installer again and select the DRS Status Window/TenderView checkbox only.

You may also need to edit the TenderView command in Store Operation Manager.
Run Manager, Database, Registers, Custom POS Buttons, and select properties for TenderView. The Command line should be set to local drive.
Example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\HTML\\DRSTenderView.htm  or  C:\DRS\HTML\DRSTenderView.htm

The only paths we recommend that you set to a shared server are Reports, Crystal Reports, Pictures, and Labels (if you are accustomed to making custom labels). All the rest should be set to the local drive, especially Add-ins, Store Logo, and HTML (Web Status). This ensures your register stations will load and run faster, and this is a best practice procedure as recommended by Microsoft. Templates, for example, are typically loaded once into the database by an administrator on a back office workstation so sharing templates is not required.

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