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Why is my POS or HQ Manager station running in evaluation mode?

Update: This issue can only occur if running RMS version 1.x. RMS 2.x does not use a security dongle.

The application reverts to evaluation mode if the security dongle is not found upon POS startup at the main register (or HQ Manager). The recognition of the security dongle by the POS module (or HQ Manager) controls that message.

First try removing and reinserting the dongle. If prompted to reinstall the driver, answer No to the first question, click Next, and accept the defaults until completed.

If this is an initial install of RMS, the RMSsample database can be run in demo mode without the dongle for 60 days before the evaluation period expires. If this occurs you can: 1) re-install the RMSsample database, or 2) authorize the database using the dongle and POS. You may also receive this message if you change your PC's system date during the demo period.

The proper location of the security dongle is the main register station.
If you previously installed the dongle on a station other than the main register, you may have 'trained' the system to look for dongle on the wrong PC. The POS module must initialize the dongle upon startup to set the database for your POS lane count and timeout.

The first station that runs POS on a regular basis is where you should install the dongle. Normally this is Register 1, but it could be any station that runs POS first each day.

Exit RMS on all stations before moving the dongle. Also restart the PC where the dongle is installed.

To verify if a dongle is working correctly, you can move it to another station and run POS from there. If you receive no '941' warning upon startup, the dongle is functioning.

If you continue to receive a warning, search our knowledge base for associated solutions by performing a keyword search. You may also need to install an updated dongle driver. If you are running v5.41 you should update to v5.42:
Rainbow Sentinel Driver:
Install the updated driver and if necessary, restart your PC.

You may also need to reinsert the dongle into another USB port. If prompted to install a driver, select the default options or the FIRST option if a list of drivers is displayed.

If you are unable to resolve this issue by reinitializing the dongle or running POS on a different workstation, you will need to upgrade to RMS 2.0 which does not rely on a security dongle for licensing.

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