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How can I convert a workorder to layaway to allow payments?

You cannot convert a workorder to layaway, but you can make payments on a workorder by recalling the workorder, press Shift-F9 Details, select Over-ride deposit, and enter deposit (payment). The customer will pay the balance when the workorder is picked up.

If you want to make a payment on the workorder instead, recall the workorder, press Shift-F9 Details, select Over-ride Deposit, then increase the value of the deposit shown. You will be prompted to pay the difference when changes are saved and your tender the transaction. Also note Shift-F9 displays the history of payments.

If you want to take deposits on workorders when first entered, use Shift-F9 Details as above.
If you'd like to set a deposit % on all workorders, enter a percent in Manager, File, Configuration, Orders tab. Example, 10%.
This will calculate an exact amount based on the workorder total, but you always use Shift-F9 Details to over-ride calculated value or enter 0.00 if no deposit is required.

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