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How can I process credit cards if Internet goes down and my EMV device cannot be used?

The following assumes you are processing with Vantiv/Worldpay on an EMV device and know your Mercury portal login credentials. Otherwise the same principals applies for other processors although the name of tender type you define will be different.

First make sure you have a tender type defined in Store Operations Manager, Database, Tender Types, called Mercury Virtual Terminal or similar with type set to Other and appropriate checkboxes enabled such as 'Prevent over-tendering' and "Require signature", etc.. We also suggest setting entry to Inactive until required or assign a 'Display order' number that lists the entry at bottom of your active tender types.
If the Internet on your POS system goes down, activate the tender type (if necessary), then use one of the methods below to run credit cards through Virtual Terminal. 

No installation or set up is required. There are four ways to access Mercury VirtualTerminal:
1. Through your web browser at
2. Through the MercuryView® portal at
3. Through your mobile browser at
4. Through the iPhone app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes store at (A separate document contains download, set up and use instructions for the iPhone app.)

Login when prompted and select the terminal you want to use (normally there is only one entry for RMS users).

In POS, select Virtual Terminal option when tendering a sale, follow the prompts in Virtual Terminal to enter sale amount, card number, expiry date, etc., wait for approval, then complete sale as normal.

Please note this effectively processes those credit card transactions to your account online. There is no need to redo anything when normal Internet service is restored to your point-of-sale system. 

Note: If you need to use this option very often, you can purchase a magswipe reader designed for smartphone or tablet. Or connect your old magswipe reader to your laptop/tablet if the reader is a USB keyboard-wedge model. 

Virtual Terminal guide:


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