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I receive a Failed 19 Retry error when I attempt to process debit cards in POS.

Go to Store Operations Administrator on the PC experiencing the problem.
Select File, Configuration, EDC tab, Advanced Options.

Make sure the Sharing Group number is correct. Each character represents a debit card type you authorized to process by your merchant provider.

Select Merchant tab.

Make sure you have an ABA number. Also known as bank routing number.

Make sure your Merchant ID, V Number, and Sharing Group numbers are properly registered with Vital by your merchant processor.

If you are still having problems processing debit cards, contact Vital directly and they can re-configure your account if necessary.

Vital Support: 866-634-2099 (have your V number and merchant ID handy)

Vital/TSYS is the backend network used by merchant providers who support the integrated credit/debit processing in RMS.

Notes: If you still can't get this to work, contact our sales office for a no obligation quote to change to our preferred processor. We offer match or beat rates that does not rely on the Vital network and also include free gift card processing that works for multiple locations (HQ installations). For a rate quote click here.

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