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How to install Vantiv/Worldpay, the hassle-free credit/debit/gift card service for RMS.

Vantiv/Worldpay is our preferred provider and the only merchant processor we support and recommend. For a no-obligation quote, contact Vantiv/Worldpay at 800-846-4472 or click here.

Once you receive your merchant ID and online account login from Vantiv/Worldpay, contact our support team for installation assistance. We will download and install Vantiv/Worldpay processing for you.

Vantiv/Worldpay is using a plug-in that supports hybrid devices such as self-swipe, signature capture with PIN pad. 

For operational issues (errors), contact Vantiv/Worldpay support at 800-846-4472. For operational assistance (how-to questions), contact DRS Support via live chat.

IMPORTANT: You must test a sale, refund that sale, and test settle EDC before going live. You can also login to your Vantiv/Worldpay online account to verify activity. See your Vantiv/Worldpay email for instructions.

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