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How can I skip printing workorders at POS? OR How can I print workorders to a second printer automatically?

If you are using RMS integrated credit card processing see Notes at bottom before proceeding.

The following procedure will allow you to skip the printing of Work Orders from POS. You can also use this method to configure your register to print regular receipts to a 40 column printer, while workorders print to a full page printer.

This procedure assumes you are not already using Receipt Printer 2 for other purposes.

Create two new receipt formats in Database | Registers | Receipt Format using the standard receipt.xml for 40 col printers (or the DRS 2-line 40 col format).

Call the first format 'No Work Orders'. Click on the magnifying glass to select the template you want to use. (If you already have a working receipt format, use the Copy option to create the new ones.) Make sure Work Orders is not selected as an option. Click on the red X to remove it after loading the template or copying any receipt format.

Call the second format "Work Orders only". Repeat as above, but this time remove all entries except Work Order.

Next I set up your registers to use Receipt Printer 1 set to Journal with 'No Work Orders' as the receipt format and automatic printing. Enter the device driver name you will be using (Windows or OPOS). OPOS drivers are for Point-of-Sale receipt printers. Use a standard Windows driver for your full-size report printer.

Next configure Receipt Printer 2 set to Journal using "Work Order Only". Now you have two options depending on whether you want to skip workorders at POS or automatically print them to the second printer.

Option 1:
If you want to skip printing of workorder and only print them on-demand, check off 'Do not print'. Do NOT define a printer driver for Receipt Printer 2.

If you want to automatically print workorders on Receipt Printer 2, check off "Automatically print" and define the proper printer driver for Receipt Printer 2.

Save your changes, then exit POS on your register stations (if already running) and restart POS.

Option 1: All workorder printing will now be skipped when workorders are rung up in POS. If you want to print a workorder receipt on-demand, press F4 Journal | Print or press Shift-F11 Reprint from POS immediately after the workorder has been rung in.

Option 2: Workorders will automatically print on Receipt Printer 2.

If desired you can also select the option to prompt the cashier at the end of each sale whether a receipt should be printed to Receipt Printer 2.

Please contact DRS Support if you require assistance with this setup procedure.
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