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Zebra Page Mode (required for EPL direct to printer label formats)

Page mode/Line mode

Some Zebra/Eltron printers have the ability to print labels by direct commands sent to a Generic Text-Only driver. When you print a label and get gibberish then the chances are that the printer is in line mode. You may have accidentally done this when changing the paper. To get it out of line mode do this -

  1. Switch the printer OFF
  2. Hold down the feed button and switch ON.
  3. Release the feed button when the LED flashes RED
  4. When the LED flashes GREEN then press and hold down the feed key.
  5. When the LED turns AMBER then release the feed button.
  6. Try printing again.

You can confirm the printer is in Page Mode by printing a self-test (turn off, hold down feed, turn on, let go when prints).

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