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How can I e-mail an invoice to a customer as a PDF?

Store Operations receipts are formated in XML and rendered onscreen when you recall a transaction in Journal, or double-click on an invoice number under the Purchases tab of Customer Properties. 

XML format is not readily transferable in printed format. However, you can print or reprint a transaction to a PDF printer, then email that file as an attachment. This method ensures the recipient can easily view or reprint the receipt on their end as well.

If you own Acrobat Pro (the program, not the reader) you can select this as a printer option when reprinting a receipt.

There are also several free PDF file utilities. Search the Internet for "pdf writer" or visit or or

Once installed, select your PDF 'printer' during reprints and you will be prompted to enter a file name. Attach that file to your email message. The easiest way to do this is by installing the PDF writer on back office PC, define Receipt Printer 1 for that station in Manager, and reprint receipts from within Manager.

A PDF file is the most appropriate method of delivering a receipt to a customer as this ensures the receipt is literally a copy of the original invoice. 

Another option is to use the Microsoft XPS printer driver and include a link to the XPS viewer with any emails. XPS is an open-source alternative to PDF and the XPS viewer has been available since 2007. An XPS driver is the default printer driver for most Windows 7/8 installs. See:


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