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HP rp5000 receipt printer OPOS driver update.

If you experience any of these problems, you need to update the OPOS driver for the HP receipt printer.

1) intermittent offline status
2) long delay before printing receipts
3) invoice number in barcode format not shown when enabled

Visit and locate the OPOS driver for rp5000 for the OS you are running (example, XP Pro).

Run the installer and accept the setup defaults during the installation process if your printer is installed in Printer Class mode.
Note: The alarm option will only work if you have an external speaker connected to your rp5000.

The proper settings for the HP receipt printer in RMS are as follows.
Store Operations Manager, Database, Registers, Register list, select register, Properties.
Receipt Printer 1: Printer Type: OPOS, Device name: A794
Cash Drawer 1: Enable, Device Name: A794-1
The 'Wait for drawer close' option can be used to force the cashier to close the drawer before proceeding to next sale (security option). 0 seconds is equal to no timeout.

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