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It takes an extremely long time for Manager or POS to open and prompt for login.

This type of problem can be caused by any number of issues, not necessarily related to Store Operations.

Example: One or more POS devices that are hooked up to the cash register may be failing to initialize. Also make sure your default Windows printer is functioning properly on the affected PC by printing a test page for that printer (Control Panel, Printers, default printer driver, General, Test print).

Did any event precede the problem such as a new software installation, a Windows or anti-virus update, firewall configuration, etc.?

Are other PCs on your network experiencing a similar problem? If so the issue is server or network related.

Have you changed anything on your network? (cabling, hub/switch, etc.)

Can you connect to your database using Administrator, File, Connect? If not, you likely have a network connection problem. XP Users: Verify you are not affected by a network collision issue with some 100meg network cards (update to latest NIC driver from manufacturer.

Does the database connection test pass from Adminstrator? Administrator | File | Configuration | Test Database.

Have you changed anything in Administrator | File | Configuration affecting file path access for that station?

Does SQL Server Service Manager list the server's name? Double-click on the icon in the Sytem Tray and select the Server drop-down list. Is the server for RMS listed? Note: Leave this set to the name of the local server.

Is the network path to RMS visible from My Computer on the affected workstation? If not, you have a network connection problem, possibly related to user rights (if login security is enabled).

If all other workstations connect to your Store operations database, and you are confident your network connection on the affected PC is running correctly, you may want to uninstall the RMS application (Store Operation only) and reinstall.

For POS troubleshooting related to device connections, do the following:

1. Within Manager, go to Database | Registers | Register List.
2. Highlight the register in question and choose Properties.
3. Begin on the Receipt Printer 1 tab and disable the device so no printer is setup.
4. Say OK to that window and then Launch POS (if it was open, close it down and re-open it).

If the application is still slow in opening up, you have ruled out the possibility that the printer is the culprit. Log back into Manager and follow through steps 1 through 4 again, but move to the next tab in the Register Properties window. Do this until all devices assigned to this register have been disabled or until the POS application comes up right away. Once the application launches as normal, the last device that was disabled in Manager was the problem. Depending on the device, you may be able to delete the OPOS device from the OPOS install application and/or reinstall the OPOS drivers for that specific device.

Another reason the application may be slow to launch is a problem with the SQL Server.

1. Have all registers quit POS and Manager to ensure no one is accessing the Store Operations server.
2. On the server, open the SQL Service Configuration Manager from Start menu.
3. Right-click on SQL Server instance listed and select Stop.
4. Once stopped, right-click and select Start to restart the SQL Server.

Once the server is running again, try to login to Store Operations POS and see if the time has improved.
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