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When starting Manager or POS I receive the error "Could not connect to database".

If you are running a standard peer to peer network, make sure SQL Server is running on your database server and database connection is working on that PC.
See Store Operations Administrator, File, Configuration, Test Database.
If this test fails on the database server, try rebooting that PC and test again.
If the connection on the server tests OK, check your network settings and any 3rd party security software that may be blocking the connection over the network.

If you are running on a wireless network, SQL Server requires a consistent connection. You may need a hard wired network to successfully run Store Operations in your environment. The SQL Server database engine supplied with Store Operations requires a constant connection to the database to function properly. For this reason the current version of Store Operations is not certified to run on wireless networks or via remote client login (such as VPN connection).

Wireless support for Store Operations, however, is supported on RF equipment including handheld readers for work order entry, stock take utilities, lookups, receiving and transfers. For information on wireless options contact our sales office at 800-322-9471.

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