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How can I make Power Ops load faster in POS?

The default setting for Power Ops is to load list upon startup. Over time, application startup will become slower as your database grows and you add more items. This is especially apparent if you have years of data as old items flagged inactive have to be parsed during startup. With the correct settings, however, Power Ops should load in a second or less regardless of the database size.

First make sure you are running Power Ops version or higher (select About, About). If not, download and install latest version from our downloads sections (Self-Service, Downloads, Installers, DRS Add-ins). The current version of Power Ops includes an index to speed up database reads when item table contains a large number of old items.

Next you should configure Power Ops with the following settings.

  1. Run Power Ops 
  2. Select Setup tab
  3. Set "Load list upon" to Dept, Category, or Refresh.
  4. Test application load time in POS

You can optionally "Disable Sub-Description Filters" in Setup to speed up database loading. This is especially effective if you have a large number of sub-descriptions on file. Disabling the filter will not prevent you from limiting a search to a sub-description. Simply click on a sub-description column title before entering your search string (with QuickScan checkbox disabled).

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