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Conversion using QSCimport

Create sub-folder under Conversions by store name and place the flat files in that folder (suppliers, items, customers).

Create a blank db using RMSdb, IBDstarter_blank, or HBstarter_blank.

Upgrade the db.

Delete QSCimport LOG.

Run importer, locate appropriate flat file*, connect to db, map the fields. 

Save the template under the store name sub-folder (one template for each flat file).

Run import, check error log. If too many errors resolve flat file issues or mapping and start over with new db.

Repeat for each flat file provided.

Note: Delete LOG between each run. Otherwise log entries will append until log is deleted.

*Import files In this order --

1. Vendors**

2. Items

3. Alias (if available)

4. Customers

**Supplier code in vendor import must match supplier name in item import. Codes can be changed afterwards in RMS. Verify items carried tab under supplier entry in RMS are correct after import.

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