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How can I import data into RMS from external flat files such as CSV or tab-delimited?

To import data into RMS you have several options. Most assume you are proficient in manipulating files for import (CSV, tab-delimited, etc.) and have a basic working knowledge of SQL Server.

Option 1 (free): QSC Importer (Store Operations ONLY; not HQ)
Use the unsupported import utility written for a prior version of RMS called QuickSell Commerce.
See the zip file attached below.
Sample import data is included with the documentation.
Please note DRS does not support this utility other than through PPI (pay per incident) assistance. However, this is the easiest option if you are familiar with working with Excel and flat files (CSV or tab-delimited). See WARNINGS below.

Option 2 (low cost): 3rd Party SQL Tools
Purchase a SQL import utility such as: 
IMPORTANT: Requires knowledge of SQL and RMS database schema rules. DRS does not support this utility.

Option 3 ($?): Systems Solutions LLC Data Import Utility (Store Operations and HQ)
DRS does not support this utility. Support is available from the provider. 

Option 4 (hourly rate): Custom Import (pre-load service only for new users on a blank database)
Contact our support office for a quote by starting a conversation on our help desk.
Data import services are billed at the programming rate of $125/hour, one hour minimum. 

- HeadQuarters (HQ) for multi-store operations requires additional fields to be populated during import or the data will not sync at the store level. See Options 3,4,5.
- Unless you edit your external data before importing, and ONLY import items you actively sell, you will clutter your database with unnecessary products which will slow down all searches, reports, etc. Indiscriminate mass imports will hamper your ability to run RMS and make it more difficult for your employees to use the program.
- Always make a backup before importing external data using third party tools. Restoring a backup may be required if you want to reverse an import. We also suggest performing any imports after-hours in case a restore is required.
- If you import data that violates the RMS database schema, you will likely render your system unusable until the offending data has been removed. Example: Import descriptions longer them 30 characters and the system won't allow you to ring in those items (POS will error out and close).
- All support incidents involving data import issues are chargeable at PPI (pay per incident) rates. There is no guarantee we can fix import mistakes. You may need to delete imported data (when possible) and try again.

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