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"Primary group full" error when tendering transactions in POS

This error indicates you have reached the maximum size for the MSDE database (2G) or SQL Server 2005 Express (4G). The journal is not being updated with the XML receipt copy. If you continue to run RMS with this error you also risk losing transaction history.

MSDE included with RMs 1.x is limited to a 2G maximum file size with extra room required for the auto-growth setting (normally 10%). 

SQL 2005 Express included with RMS 2.x is limited to 4G.

Resolution -- Upgrade to the next version of SQL Server.

MSDE users can upgrade to SQL 2005 Express by upgrading to RMS 2.0.
SQL 2005 Express users can upgrade to SQL 2008 Express R2 which has a limit of 10G.
The upgrade is a multi-step process that requires all PCs to close RMS during the upgrade.
Contact DRS Support for assistance.

Note: If you have exceeded 10G you will need to upgrade to the full version of SQL Server (Workgroup Edition or higher). There is no limit to the database size and the full version of SQL includes many more features, such as automated backup scheduling, import tools, and more. Please note the full version of SQL Server requires a server OS which is best deployed by a local IT service. DRS Support does not provide this service. Please note DRS does not support RMS or DRS add-ins on SQL versions higher than 2008 R2. Problems have been reported with SQL 2012 or higher.

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