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When our stores try to upload information to HQ the error message is "Primary file group is full." There is plenty of room on the hard drive.

You have reached the maximum size for the MSDE database (2G) or SQL Server 2005 Express (4G) or Express 2008 R2 (10G).

If you are uploading transaction level data from each of your store locations, you will most likely reach this limit within the first year or two of operation.

MSDE is limited to a 2G maximum file size with extra room required for the auto-growth setting (normally 10%).

The limit for SQL 2005 Express is 4G and SQL 2008 Express R2 is 10G.

Option A: You can temporarily free up some space by deleting old worksheets.

  1. Backup your files.
  2. Run this statement: Select * from Worksheet
  3. Take note of the dates and the IDs corresponding to it.
  4. Run this statement:
    Delete Worksheet Where ID between <id # corresponding to the oldest date> and <id # corresponding to the end date you want to delete>
  5. Connect to Client and confirm data transfer without errors.

Please note that is a TEMPORARY solution only.

Option B: Upgrade to the next version of SQL Server. If you have exceeded 10G you will need to upgrade to the full version of SQL Server (Workgroup Edition or higher). There is no limit to the database size and the full version of SQL includes many more features, such as automated backup scheduling, import tools, and more.

Option C: Order the RR Archive Utility for RMS and routinely purge your HQ database of transaction activity based on date range. 

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